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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's A Conspiracy!

It's A Conspiracy!

Everyone put on your tin foil hats, as I'm about to lay out for you the reason that Tony is still alive.

First off, as explained below, Tony is not scheduled to act in any upcoming films or television shows—so he can't possibly be dead.

Second, why was Tony so quick to want to kill Henderson? And what exactly was he planning to inject the guy with? Maybe he had no intention of killing Henderson, but was trying to help him! He wanted to inject Henderson with the same stuff that Jack took to fake his death last season, to help him escape.

Henderson woke up, didn't know that Tony was just trying to help, and injected Tony instead.

So why didn't Henderson know Tony was trying to help? Because Tony did what every other good mole in CTU history has done—he made everyone think the mole was someone else (i.e. Penis-nose (a.k.a. S4GF)).

But this is where the plot thickens.

Why would Tony try to help Henderson? Because Tony was recruited by Palmer.

Remember Henderson was not working with the terrorists, he was working with the neocons to set-up the terrorists. So was Palmer (which is how he knew about the whole thing and why he wanted to alert President Weasel). The terrorists found out he was a threat, and they were going to take him out—but he found out in time and faked his own death. He didn't have time to warn the others, however, so they managed to take out Michelle (and tried to get Tony) because they were in on it too—not just because it would help frame Jack like they claimed.

So Tony knows that he and Henderson are on the same side, and was trying to save him.

Wayne Palmer is trying to get to the President to tell him that his brother is still alive.

A living Tony is being wheeled into the morgue, but will hopefully come to at some point.

And so, Tony remains without a full X on the banner for this page, at least for another couple of hours.


Anonymous said...

The same IMDB you are relying on, is the same site that said Kim Bauer would be back in Week 3 and that Smoochy was set to join the cast.

Justin said...

Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that maybe Carlos Bernard is going to go do a play, maybe broadway?

Anonymous said...

He's dead. Deal with it. This is getting a bit pathetic now.

Unknown said...

sorry, not buying it, he's gone to the next sitcom in the sky.

MJ06 said...

Thats a good point about him selling out Audrey but I dont know I thinks hes gone. He was cool and all but now hes dead but I do like your conspiracy.

Justin said...

I heard somewhere that they wanted to kill him off at the beginning of the season but they let him talk them into keeping him around for a little longer.

Dionne said...

I love your conspiracy and so wish it was true. But seeing as David Palmer is on another show the odds of him still being alive are probably not good. But I will keep hope alive that maybe Tony really isn't dead even though I know the likely hood is pretty remote.

Dionne said...

Ofcourse I still think Vaughn isn't really dead on Alias so I'm an eternal optimist :-).