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Monday, March 13, 2006

We are huge in Sweden

Blogs4Bauer: We're Huge in Sweden
We have our first international B4B Blogring member, Filip (aka - Korona). To better serve the International House of Jack Bauer, he has translated some of our banners into Swedish. With his translations, I have revised two of our more popular banners and made one exclusively for the Swedes.

If there are other foreign (and we don't mean New Jersey) B4B fans, let us know.
We're talking to you Moldavia!


Unknown said...

If there are other foreign (and we don't mean New Jersey)...

Yeah, baby!

CGrim said...

ahh, New Jersey, the socialist motherland of my youth... how we long for your liberation!

jp said...

I'm from the Philippines! Ehehe. We're still on Season 4 here during Wednesdays, 9pm on Studio 23.

Anonymous said...

i'm from sweden, too, haha, lol, i love "jack bauer räddade min kattunge" XD hahaha.
24 is the best show eveeeeeeeeeer! ;D