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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

24: The Game Website is Live!

Check out 24: The Game's website, here.

You can even "interrogate" (aka torture) people on the website of the game. There's also an interview with Tony, Michelle and also Kim Bauer. Check out the questions they ask Kim, one is "How authentic is Kim in the game".

In an interview with, a story editor named Duppy Demetrius (no kidding), had this to say about the gameplay:
"You can only have so many helicopters blow up and buildings explode in the TV show," said the writer of the February 28 PlayStation 2 title. "[In the game] you don't have to worry that we're having a helicopter dogfight and it's going to cost millions of dollars. With this, if there's a helicopter fight, let's add a third helicopter."


Buckaroo Banzai said...

Mmm . . . violence! (Drool)

RFTR said...

Who made that crappy decision? Why stop at 3 helicopters??