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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Robocop Earns Future Spot on Kill Counter

Robocop Earns Future Spot on Kill Counter

The Jack Bauer Kill Counter has been updated and sits at sixty bodies so far. We estimated the death toll from the Mall at 15, but Jack Bauer has corrected us. Only 11 people died at the mall and Jack also announced the Centox Special at The Limited has been extended through the weekend. The B4B Challenge Winner from that episode is now Deathlok, who guessed 13 (the actual body count was 14).

Robocop made his debut this episode and tried to add Jack Bauer to The Jack Bauer Kill Counter. Instead, he made the mistake of giving Jack ample time to position a rack of Dell Servers to absorb the bomb blast. While waiting for the blast, Jack played on the Omicron computers, winning 2 games of Solitaire and posting some nasty comments on Edgar's Myspace page.

Also, Don't forget about the Carnival of Bauer™—you've only got a day and a half left to submit! Click here for more details.

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