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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jack's Thighs of Steel Make Kill Counter Debut
Another bad guy found out that you should never approach a hand-cuffed and unconscious Jack Bauer. You should always take your kill shot at a safe distance, before Jack Bauer gets you in his lethal thigh-vise. When your boss tells you to go kill Frank Flynn/Jacob Rossler/Jack Bauer, don't wait until he catches a glimpse of you in the video monitor next to Tony's body, because then it is too late.

The B4B Kill Counter jumped up 18 kills mainly due to the nerve gas pumped into the mall by a group of bad guys. While Jack managed to save one girl, a disturbing question must now be asked. Who leaves their child alone in a mall? Even worse, did the mother take off running when she saw Jack Bauer running around with the gas mask?

The Official Jack Bauer Kill Counter has been updated.


Tyler said...

We have 18 dead from monday?

Anonymous said...

1 bad guy killed himself
Approx 15* dead from the mall
1 bad guy was killed by Jack's Thighs-of-death
1 Rent-a-cop was killed by the bad guys

lawhawk said...

So, does that mean I'm the winner this week? I'm gonna go with 17. And 13 of the 17 will be hosed in the last 2 minutes (because a rule of 24 requires all mass killing to be condensed into the last 2 minutes).

By lawhawk, at 13/2/06 18:40

Or is that a disqualification because I figured the wrong time frame - last 2 minutes v. last 15? Can we get Lumberg and the TPS reports to verify?