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Friday, February 10, 2006

Stupid 24 Questions

Did you ever notice that being promoted to upper management at CTU is the equivalent of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated? These civil service bigwigs enjoy a meteoric rise to power, only to never be heard from again after one incident. The current and former occupants of Jack Bauer's office have a higher turnover rate than the local McDonald's.

How come every person that works at CTU has at least one dysfunctional family member? And why are they always stopping by on the worst day of the year? Crack addicts, psychotics, au pairs who suddenly become computer experts; I mean, is this 24 or Jerry Springer?

Is Kim Bauer ever gonna show her, um, face, this season? RFTR's stalking is getting out of control.

Do the folks at CTU ever go out drinking after work?


Anonymous said...

It appears that Edgar goes out eating at every commercial break.

RFTR said...

No, he orders in... if he went out, he might be taking off some of that weight.

And, by the way, has anyone noticed that Edgar is the same exact, bumbling-idiot character that he was on the Sopranos? Does anyone think that maybe he transferred over from the FBI?