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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We here at Blogs4Bauer couldn't be more gratified. In our first full month of operation, we've had over 11,000 hits. That's just amazing.

So, on behalf of all of us, let me say thanks:

She comes back next week!


voiceboy said...

"You're Welcome" does not come close to the delights of that pic.

Helskel said...


Tough Old Man: Jon Voight
Hot Daughter: Angelina Jolie

Tough Old Man: Jack Bauer
Hot Daughter: Kim Bauer

"Is there a correlation?"

George Berryman said...

True story: at my blog, for over a year, the highest visits were coming from Google searches of Rosario Dawson and the Fantanas. I had pictures of them up (one post per) and that brought a lot of traffic my way. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

My wife swears this photo of Kim has been photshopped (fake). Personally, I don't care one way or the other.

RFTR said...

So, based on the two comments you've made on this site today: 1)You're an idiot, and b)you let your wife determine your taste in women.

I base 1 on the fact that you wrote in your comment upstream that you're excited Kim won't be appearing tonight, when nobody has said any such thing, and in fact we believe quite the opposite.

I base b on the fact that, well, in both of your posts you've been expressing your wife's point of view re: Kim Bauer. Is she unable to type? Did Jack cut of her arms? Or maybe the cougar that chased Kim went after her?

Seriously, man, Kim is hot--and with Michelle dead, that makes her an absolutely essential part of the show.

Anonymous said...

My wife thinks Jack Bauer and 24 is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Dear RFTR:

From: OMVI

RE: Post 2-6-06 (13:45)

There are several ways I could respond to your post above. I've elected to repsond as a gentleman and, dare I say, a fellow kindered spirit of this Board (B4B).

From the tone of your post I surmise (no, I must conclude) you havn't been paying very close attention to this season's dialogue from Mr. Bauer.

I'm going to ask you, politely, to re-read my post with which you take issue. In doing so, I want you to keep in mind the important phrase "FLANK TWO POSITION".

Obviously the phrase "FLANK TWO POSITION" is lost on you. that being the case, I have to surmise a key element of an important episode from this season has been entirely lost on you.

I'm going to take the time to explain to you the meaning of the phrase. It's important.

Mr. Bauer used the phrase "FLANK TWO POSITION" in episode # (?) while at the airport after being captured by the Russian terrorists when speaking on his cell phone with officals at CTU with a gun cocked next to his head. In short, "FLANK TWO POSITION" means: "I can't communicate truthfully right now because I'm under duress."

Now, RFTR, please re-read my post knowing what you do now.

All better now?

My post wasn't serious and "from the heart". My post was meant to be funny. Only those viewers who understood the words "FLANK TWO POSITION" would understand. It's obvious you didn't or you wouldn't have responded to my post in the way you did.

Let's not forget where we're at when we're on this Board. It's called blogs4bauer. It's meant to be fun (I think). Lighten up, okay?

I mean, you realize what I would have to do to you if I were Jack Bauer, right? Cheers!

Brian said...

Helskel- Great point with the Jolie-Bauer correlation.

And I must say, no one has ever thanked me with a gift like that pic before.