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Monday, February 06, 2006

We knew it was coming...
...but were powerless to stop it.

Our apologies to all of you who came by in the past hour and a half and were unable to access Blogs4Bauer. Blogger was down for a pre-scheduled maintenance.

We still managed to get in the full live-blogging session before they went down, however, and you can view it here.

And, as a special treat, V the K should have his tivo-blogging up at some point tomorrow morning. So, when you get to work, or wake up and realize you've slept through class, and decide you need a laugh to lighten the load, check back and enjoy V the K's take on the hour's events.

Oh, and since Kim Bauer didn't show up like she was supposed to, enjoy the picture at the right.

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My recap is up here: