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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

B4B Fight Club: Badger v. Sawyer. Who wins?

'Badger': '24'
Age: mid-to-late thirties
Nationality: Made-up Breakway Russian Republic
Occupation: Terrorist
Death Count: 2 Direct (Motorcycle shop guy and Mole) 10-20 indirect (gassed mall-rats)
Strengths: Vicious and ruthless
Weaknesses: Maybe not such a big man when you take the gun away from him
Curious Detail: His name isn't really Badger

'Sawyer': 'Lost'
Age: mid-to-late thirties
Nationality: American
Occupation: Con Man
Death Count: 1.0 (flew to Australia then killed the wrong man)
Strengths: Outsmarted Jack, Locke, and Ana Lucia to control all the guns on the island
Weaknesses: GSW to the shoulder not fully healed, chicks (Kate and Ana Lucia) known to get the drop on him, also nearsighted.
Curious Detail: His name isn't really Sawyer


Anonymous said...

I will put $5 on Badger. In the 2nd round, he takes off his yellow tie and chokes Sawyer to death.

Tyler said...

If badger was a chick Sawyer would win.

So Sawyer wins by default.

RFTR said...

Sawyer's pretty heavily-armed these days...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but EVERYONE kicks Sawyer's ass. My five year old daughter put him in a sleeper hold just the other day.

CGrim said...

Sawyer reminds me of Keith Urban.

and re: Badger - "a sad lit'le king of a sad lit'le hill"

Deathlok said...

I have to agree with bombtruck, has Sawyer ever won a fight?? No!
All talk. Besides "Badger" was the bad guy in "Luck of the Irish" That almost like being in the fight from the Quiet Man.