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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Lot Of (Crystal) Balls

I definitely watch this damned show WAY too much.

I'm watching this week's episode at 1am (EST), thanks to TiVo, and as the action was unfolding, I started to get some premonitions. For instance, the second they took Walt Cummings away, I said to myself, "He'll be dead by the end of the show." When Mike called Logan and told him to come at once, I knew what happened. In fairness, I thought Walt would off himself in another way, but I knew the end result would involve his corpse.

A few minutes later, Jack and company break into Mayor McPervert's penthouse apartment, and after Jack finds the young Russian girl, I knew something would go wrong. I wasn't sure if she would kill herself (or someone else), until McPervert demanded she come with him. At that instant, I said to myself, "She's gonna kill him." Wham! Right again!

My newfound fortune telling is not necessarily a testament to my wits, but more appropriately, a testament to the circular reasoning in the Jack Bauer world. People implicated in treason are usually killed or off themselves, and scumbags with critical information are almost always killed unexpectedly (take Stephen Saunders, for example).

Yeah, I watch this damned show WAY too much.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I found it very hard to believe that they wouldn't have a guard on Walt, considering. And I figured the Ukrainian chick would kill herself, but killing the pervert was better.

And Agent Hobbit, sheesh, what a moron he was, falling for that crap.

KJ said...

The chick killing the scumbag was a given. I saw that happening immediately. I wasn't paying attention to Walt to guess that.

I'm pretty sure that next week Jack is going to end up in a threesome with his two girlfriends in the directors glass walled office.

I love your site.

RFTR said...

I disagree. I stayed up and watched the local news report for their weekly Jack Bauer story after the show last night, and they basically said that the writing at this point incorporates any good idea that can come from anyone involved in the production of the show. Cast, crew, writers, producers, etc.... they all contribute ideas.

Which means, they're all ideas that originate from people who are trying to come up with the most unpredictable thing. That's liable to result in some level of predictability, particularly for people who are watching for the same set of criteria.

We're all predicting pretty well, and I think it stems from the writing formula of the show.

voiceboy said...

And I think that Mrs Weasel is up to no good and will wind up nailing her husband's hide to the shed. ALL together now!!!!

CGrim said...

I have no desire to see the Logans nailing in the shed!! sick! save it for the dvd!

Buckaroo Banzai said...

KJ - I like the way you think!

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts to Mike killing Walt and making it look like a suicide so Prez. Weasel doesn't go public with the scandel?

Brian said...

President Douche won't go public. He is just humoring his wife to keep her from going bi-polar on his butt. Regardless- she is still a hot bi-polar momma.