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Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge
11:54 - Jack Bauer's last confirmed kill.

Has Jack Bauer lost his nerve? Will Audrey allow Jack to kill terrorists and let her own emotional baggage take a backseat to saving the world? Will Kim Bauer's husband end up lending a hand to his old pals at CTU? Who's hiding behind the bed in to preview for the upcoming shows?

Blogs4Bauer Challenge - Guess the Body Count
How many people are going to die tonight?
AL has guessed the exact number of bodies for the past two weeks. It appears that we may have our first mole here at Blogs4Bauer.
Episodes 1,2 - 9 Bodies
The Conservative UAW Guy ~ Guess - 4
Episodes 3,4 - 14 Bodies
RFTR ~ Guess - 14
Episode 5 - 2 Bodies
AL ~ Guess - 2
Episode 6 - 1 Body
AL ~ Guess - 1


Unknown said...

I'll guess 5 bodies tonight. ..I think your right, Al has tipped his hand, he's a mole.
Lets find out what he knows...wheres my knife? Al, first its your right eyeball, then...

Anonymous said...

I will go low again this week. 3 bodies. Next week we may see double digits.

RFTR said...

I'm going with 8 kills.

Dionne said...

I'll go with 4 dead tonight. I loved the picture!!! Very good :-).

al said...

I'm a mole? ha. I've just been lucky.

This week is going to be low as well. I say 2. Jack will get one of them.

As for mr bob: you bring a knife - I'll bring a sword. :-)

CGrim said...

Well now Al is clearly going to guess the wrong number this week, to throw you off his trail. Of course, that's what we would expect him to do, so he'll have to make it pretty close to the real number without being exact, so as to sow doubt.

Therefore, if Al is within 2 bodies of the correct count, he is a mole.

If he is more than 2 bodies from the correct count, he is also a mole.

If he gets it right, he is definately a mole.

My pick: 1 death.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

3, I say.

Justin said...

this is gonna be a big one... i go 7

lawhawk said...

Six. Six dead bodies. Ha Ha Ha.

But in reality, we're going to see a lot of soon to be living the rest of their short miserable lives writhing in agonizing pain walking about unawares they're about to be Bauer fodder.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say ZERO - not that I'm happy about it, but what with the takeover of the show, well.........

Lemuel Calhoon said...

Nine bodies tonight.