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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Forget Nerve Gas, Kim's Missing!
Jack placed a call to CTU at 1:11pm to bring Kim in for her safety. Does this mean that Jack thinks her home was not equipped with those socket covers to keep her from sticking her fingers in or if a gang of cougars escaped from the LA zoo?

It's a proven fact that Jack Bauer takes approximately 4 minutes and 15 seconds to get anywhere in the Los Angeles area. If you throw in traffic on the 405, it could take up to 5 minutes. We know that Kim inherited most of her mother's accident prone qualities, while Jack only passed on his family's ability to talk to snakes. But surely some of Jack's time-bending genes should have been passed down. It seems that no one at CTU or Fox is alarmed that Kim has taken close to 2 hours to check in at CTU.

I took the initiative and alarmed the people at Fox (see below). Someone should tell Jack to ignore the order from Edgar to steal a batch of nerve gas-laced glazin-raisin pretzels from the abandoned Aunt Annie's booth and send out a search party ASAP.


Deathlok said...

1. Yes, Bring back the Russian chick! I jsut love a girl with bruises on her face.

2. Did I miss something from last season? At the end of last season, wasn't the President still alive in the hospital. I thought that his sone died and he was in a coma. What happened to him? Why is this wet noodle still the President. Make Mike The President!

Deathlok said...

You are assuming that Audrey actually called her. I would bitch slap Audrey if I didn't think that I would impale my hand on that nose!

AtriaBooks said...

The Russian girl was last seen leaving with Tony Soprano.

Anonymous said...

The Russian girl had to get to Turin for pairs figure skating with Wayne Palmer. Apparently Russian women have only three options for profession: a) figure skater b) tennis player c) mail order whore

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Let us know if you get a reply.
If you don't, make one up.

MJ06 said...

Whats the obsesion with the guy who plays Robo Cop?

Does Fox really take the time to email you back? because thats one good email.

The Voice of Reason said...

Yes and not only is Jack able to traverse all of LA in 4 minutes, he is always just 15 minutes out of everywhere. Nice you can get all your equipment and loaded in the other 11 minutes.
PS Do the CTU security guys in those red shirts remind anyone of the guys with the wrong color shirts on the original TV series? Any time a group beamed down with Kirk, you could tell who was going to die by the off color of shirt they were wearing. Looks like those guys at CTU have the same expendability factor.

The Voice of Reason said...

Sorry left out "Star Trek" in the above post referenced to the original TV series I was talking about.