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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Here's a bit of gossip for you 24 fans out there. According to, Jack Bauer will not star in a movie based on the show 24. No, he'll star in 3 movies based on the show 24.

Kiefer has inked a 3 movie deal for a series of '24' movies at Fox. Yep, three. Chances are, you'll see the first one going before-the-cameras as early as '07.
Are you still not pumped up?

Apparently Bruce Willis has even mentioned to Kief that he'd be keen to cameo in one of the films. Big fan of the prime-time hit apparently.
For more information on the flick, check out 24: The Movie

Other possible 24 spin-offs
24: The Adult Diaper
42: 24 for Dyslexics
24: The Dishwashing Liquid

Got other spin-offs you would like to see? Post them in the comments.


NDwalters said...

24 the Movie? Sweeeeet.

Here's a few folks, I'd love to see in the film, but doubt could make it.

Bruce Willis, of course.

However, Christopher Walken as the shady CTU boss or Secretary over CTU.

Terry O Quinn or John Heard as a sometimes good guy, sometimes bad guy president.

James Woods, anyone?

Possible European Allies

Ian McShane- British MI6 Counterterrorism chief, very grey, good and bad.

Gerard Butler/Sean Bean- Britain's own version of Jack Bauer.

Jason Isaacs- British Prime Minister or MI6 man who's by the book but does help CTU and Bauer.

OK, now Bad Guys.

If it's Russians.....

Vladimir Mashkadov or Gary Oldman as the terrorist.

Peter Stormare as the Russian Counterterrorism agent.

Sam Neill or Rutger Hauer as the new Russian President, depending on how 24 Season 5 goes.

Kenneth Branaugh as the Russian financial backer and rogue government official plotting the downfall of the US and takeover of Russia.

OK, Europeans....

Thomas Kretschmann- Max, who else?

Jurgen Prochnow- very anti-American, greedy oligarch, hoping to destabilize the US by any means, enlists Middle Eastern helpers, though the helps use him.

Vincent Cassel- French businessman, backer and former terrorist.

Ciaran Hinds- British rogue politician, willing pawn of the terrorists, Russians, etc..... Has access to and leaks anti terror operational info.

Middle Easterners, you know this could be possible....

Gabriel Byrne- head terrorist, wanted for years, has evaded death, and Jack Bauer. Has a severe grudge.

Clive Owen- younger terrorist under the boss, but old enough to know what goes on in "the game."

Oded Fehr- mole or double agent working against the terrorist.

David Suchet- Middle Eastern intel chief, or government official, once a backer of the terrorists now trying to stop them before war hits.

Anonymous said...

How about they cast Garey Busey and Billy Zane. Then Jack can torture the crap out of them for 3 hours. I would pay $10 to go see that, I'd even buy a box of Junior Mints

al said...

Oldman has already been a terrorist. He was very good though.

As for Busey and Zane - Junior mints and popcorn.

NDwalters said...

Busey, as who? Jack's drunk dad? Mack Bauer? And Billy Zane as his evil brother, Zack? Thatd be rich. Or, just let em be themselves and Jack can beat em for that Turkish POS film that makes our troops out to be torturers and worse than the SS Death Squads. Yeah, MAn, I know what you're referring to.

Bastards that they are.

Anonymous said...

an evil vilan on "24"? How about the evilist person of all- Dr. Evil of course. He could hold the world hostage for "one million dollars".

NDwalters said...

Have Fat Bastard and Edgar wrestle, hell yeah! And have Chloe and The Frau duke it out, ja! Now, Lynn McGill vs. Mini-Me, that would be tought.