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Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogs4Bauer Challenge - Guess the Body Count

Editor's Note: Kim Bauer will not be back this week. The "Kim is on the next show" stunt was an effort to drive up hits from people googling "Kim Bauer". We are sorry for playing with your feelings.

What has Kim been doing since she left CTU? Well first she polished her hockey skills for the Dundas Cyclones while working as a curator of a museum on President Lincoln. Kim Bauer then trained and took third place in the 5,000 and the 1 mile run for Hamilton College's track team and was named Rookie of the Week.

As you can tell, Kim has been way too busy to help CTU save Los Angeles and return RFTRs letters.

Episodes 1,2 - 9 Bodies
The Conservative UAW Guy ~ Guess - 4
Episodes 3,4 - 14 Bodies
RFTR ~ Guess - 14
Episode 5 - 2 Bodies
AL ~ Guess - 2
Episode 6 - 1 Body
AL ~ Guess - 1
Episode 7 - 5 Bodies
Mr. Bob ~ Guess - 5
Episode 8 - 15 Bodies
Lawhawk ~ Guess - 17


Anonymous said...

After wiping out the food court, I think 24 will take a break from killing.

Only 4 bodies...

Lemuel Calhoon said...

Two people dead tonight

lawhawk said...

I'm gonna go with 6 people tonite, and we find out the real death toll from the Taco Bell mall crawl incident.

14 mallrats killed there, not counting the baddies.

al said...

I think tonight will be semi-quiet. Three more...

CGrim said...

I'm gonna say 5 deaths tonight.

RFTR said...

Goin' with 7...

CGrim said...

Where IS Kim, anyway?

Teacher Tori said...

I'm guessing 4 bodies.

Oh, not to plug my blog, but I found a great list about Jack (its similar to the Chuck Norris list out there)'ll HAVE to check it out:

Justin said...

in typical price-is-right style... one body

Dionne said...

Tori: I posted that list last week too.

I'm guessing 6 bodies tonight. It would so make my day if I could be right on this just once :-).

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with 8.

But as we all know, ALL of Jack Bauer's adversaries are dead...some just don't know it yet.