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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One AS 350 Ecureuil Almost Added To Jack Bauer Kill Counter

Random Jack Bauer Fact: Jack Bauer shot down a helicopter with a hand gun.

After a week filled with the gassing of a gaggle of mall rats, the majority of 24 fans thought we would have a low body count over the next few episodes. Instead we watched Badger take a knife to the spleen and two other random guys knocked off before the credits were finished rolling.

Late in the show, Jack Bauer and his handgun went up against four men with machine guns in a helicopter and won! With just a few more rounds from his AA cannon we might have gotten the cliché out-of-control helicopter spinning in circles before blowing up scene. Instead we must assume that Jack let the helicopter escape so he can follow the smoke trail to Comrade HallowedAreTheOri.

The Jack Bauer Kill Counter has been updated.


RFTR said...

What, I don't get credit for my accurate prediction?

Anonymous said...

You will get your credit when I post the next Body Counting Challenge.

Anonymous said...

V -

They failed to mention OOOOIIIILLL in the last hour. Maybe Jack Bauer shot the Move-on writers.