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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

B4B GirlFight Club: Chloe v. Sun, Who Wins?

Chloe: '24'
Age: early thirties
Nationality: American
Occupation: CTU Analyst
Death Count: 2.0 (Iced a couple of terrorists in Season 4)
Strengths: Withering, acidic verbal put-downs
Weaknesses: This is fight club, not the Algonquin Round Table
Curious Detail: Shocked everyone by hooking up with Studboy

Sun: 'Lost'
Age: early thirties
Nationality: Korean
Occupation: Wife
Death Count: 0
Strengths: If I have learned one thing from watching Hollywood movies, it's that all petite Asian women are martial arts masters.
Weaknesses: Charlie kicked her ass. Not a good sign.
Curious Detail: Shocked everyone with her ability to speak English


jwookie said...

Chloe hands down. We saw her sporting an assault rifle last season, and all Sun seems to be able to do is garden. So unless they have a vegetable growing contest, Chloe's gonna lay the smack down.

Anonymous said...

Don't cares who wins. Can I watch though?

Justin said...

Chloe, no contest...

I wanna watch though...

Dionne said...

I don't know anything about Sun but I'm still picking Chloe hands down. Never forget that pic of her with the assault weapon.

Kitty said...


Hey, the man, I think B4B should write something speculating how Jack would handle this port deal. Someone on my blog left this message:
something tells me, the fictional hero of 24, would laugh at this silly hysteria...

Anonymous said...

Although not really relevant to the Sun vs. Chloe debate, I'd like to point out that the actress who plays Sun on LOST also starred in one of the highest grossing South Korean movies, Shiri . She played the role of a hot North Korean special forces sniper sent undercover to kill several South Korean agents. The training montage alone at the beginning of the movie is pretty impressive. So if we're allowed to consider their entire body of work, my money is on Sun.

al said...

Chloe. Even without a M-16 (not a AK) I think she'd do just fine. A bit of sarcasm to distract and go in for the kill.

al said...

South Korean movies, Shiri

That looks interesting. Just added it to my netflix list.

Deathlok said...

Who wins? Me! and anyone else that gets good seats for this.

I'm close enough to be sprayed by their sweat, right?

Sorry, I go with Sun. Sun is the daughter of an Asian mobster. She'd go all Kill Bill on Cloe.

lawhawk said...

Ah, one of the long promised cat-fight matchups. Who wins?

We all do.

Sun probably would get her ass whooped, although she might have martial arts training that Chloe would be completely unprepared to deal with, though that's not as likely give how easy Charlie whooped her ass.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the man....why have them just fight? It leads to so many other possiblities.

Anonymous said...

This ain't no Hollywood movie!