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Monday, February 20, 2006

Chloe Interviewed on Fox
Not a big deal... they try to insinuate that she might be a mole, but not so successfully.

And then she says "I'll tell you one thing that's happening: nudity. I have to strip to get a terrorist to talk. I challenge a terrorist to strip craps and lose."

But then she says some weird stuff and it sounds like she's making the whole thing up.

Dull, as you might expect.


Anonymous said...

Chloe nude? pass.

Justin said...

oh i'm all over that...

CGrim said...

if Chloe strips, I'm declaring a jihad on FOX.

I may even burn their embassy down

Deathlok said...

Not that it matters now because he's dead, but Evil Shatner should be Evil Benny Hill.