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Monday, February 06, 2006

An important connection
Apparently, we will not only be treated to the reappearance of Kim tonight, but also a brief cameo by Senator John McCain. Apparently McCain will be playing a faceless bureaucrat (how painfully ironic) handing a document to someone at CTU—most likely Samwise Gamgee.

But how can we explain McCain's appearance on a show that so stridently defends the use of torture when he himself is such an ardent anti-torture advocate?

Well, dear readers, I've figured it out.

John McCain is Jack Bauer's long-lost son. Need evidence? Well, take a look at this photographic proof!

It makes perfect sense. Just like Secretary Heller, Jack Bauer's tough-guy ways have caused his son to rebel and adopt a more liberal attitude—rejecting torture and the like.

But he still has Jack's genes, so the good Senator remains quite a looker.

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al said...

McCain's cameo was mentioned in USA Weekly a week or two ago. Apparently he's a huge fan of 24

Anonymous said...

My eyes are burning...

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Dude, that's just wrong.
You have defiled the image of Kim!

Anonymous said...

I for one am delighted to read Kim won't be making an appearnace in tonight's episode and that we'll be treated instead to a cameo of John McCain. Did I mention I'm writing from my FLANK TWO POSITION?

My wife is here with me now and she's a huge fan of John McCain unlike Kim Bauer who she thinks (as do I) is nothing more than gratuitous and unnessary eye candy. Did I mention I'm writing from my FLANK TWO POSITION?

My wife is asking me about the meaning of "FLANK TWO POSITION". As you all know, FLANK TWO POSITION indicates our solidarity with the position John McCain has adpoted with respect to torture of terrorists: under no circumstances would we condone the torture of suspected terrorists. At least, that's MY FLANK TWO POSITION just as I'm sure it's yours.

Anonymous said...

So is McCain's character going to be killed, we hope?

RFTR said...

Omvi-- make sure you see my response to this and your other comment. It can be found here.

Kitty said...

NO! NO! NO! Not the McCainiac!! I'll bet he loves that friggin' weasel, Logan >:O

Tyler said...

You have forever destroyed that images hotness.

Anonymous said...

Wow...the McCain bashing is kind of over the top. Does it not register that you boy was actually "tortured"? Not play tortured. Not, no...I was I am not a PoW, but I play one on TV tortured.

So...cut the guy some slack.

And yes...putting his face on a hot chick is wrong to...I don't need McCain's face over a hot makes me question who I am...