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Monday, February 13, 2006

It's Official This Time—maybe?
If you believe USATODAY, our lovely Kim Bauer is returning to 24 tonight.

Get excited.


Anonymous said...

USA Today? Did they have a color graph with the story?

Teacher Tori said...

greeeeat, she's coming back. At least I don't have a boyfriend this time that I'd have to watch drool constantly. That whole season all I heard was "please take off that blazer".

Buckaroo Banzai said...

TM - Now, THAT'S funny!

Tori - We're men. We're pigs. That being said, I hope he at least cuddled with you after.

BTW, is that C. Thomas Howell in that pic???

CGrim said...

Tori, are you saying you need a cuddle buddy for 24 now?

I'm just sayin'... patriotic duty and all...

Anonymous said...

Guess I will have to buy a new TV after I shoot it when she shows up. GAG!!!

Anonymous said...

When did Kim dump Chase for Jim Rome? Okay, we've had Lou Diamond Phillips (young guns), Sean Astin (goonies) now C. Thomas Howell(red dawn). Couldn't they throw Patrick Swayze a bone and let him be a Red Shirt knocked out by a comatose Tony?

NDwalters said...

Red Shirts? AKA the nameless guards inside CTU, the bomb fodder techies from Season 2, Tac Units, and the nameless bastards that get wasted with Jack everytime he checks out a seemingly hidden place.

'Wait, I don't have a name! I'm dead!'- Sam Rockwell, Galaxy Quest.
'Maybe, you're just the plucky comic relief.'- Tony Shalhoub.