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Monday, March 20, 2006

Blogs4Bauer Challenge - Guess the Body Count

George Mason developed radiation sickness during Season 2 of 24. Mason took the controls of a plane (that Jack Bauer was supposed to pilot) loaded with a nuclear devise and flew it into the Mojave Desert. He then crashed the plane and detonated the bomb, robbing Jack Bauer another chance to sacrifice himself.

The other George Mason took out Michigan State and North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament crashing my bracket and robbing me of a chance to win $100. Jack Bauer was too busy with the Illinois-Washington game to help out.

Blogs4Bauer Challenge - Guess the Body Count

Jack Bauer's out for revenge because Tony is really dead, Edgar never paid him back the $5 he borrowed, and Tom Green is boinking his daughter. The death count forecast shows a mix of Russians with bad accents and a Biff Henderson.

Submit your guess for the final body count for tonight. Click Here for the Jack Bauer Kill Counter.

Episodes 1,2 - 9 Bodies
The Conservative UAW Guy (Guess - 4)
Episodes 3,4 - 14 Bodies
RFTR - 14
Episode 5 - 2 Bodies
AL - 2
Episode 6 - 1 Body
AL - 1
Episode 7 - 5 Bodies
Mr. Bob - 5
Episode 8 - 14 Bodies
Deathlok - 13
Episode 9 - 7 Bodies
RFTR - 7
Episode 10 - 8 Bodies
The Man - 8
Episodes 11, 12 - 14 Bodies
JWookie - 13
fmragtops - 15
Episode 13 - 3 Bodies (including Tony)
Justin - 3


al said...

Jack's pissed. Turn it up to 11.

Anonymous said...

Jack sends five to their doom, while possibly ressurecting one with Tony, as Jack yells at God: "Send him back NOW...I SAID NOW!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Jack seeks revenge, even before Edgar's pee stains dry.

There will be 7 kills tonight and it looks like a big frickin explosion.

The previews also show someone heading to the electric chair. What is up with that?

Dionne said...

I'm going with 8 bodies.

Justin said...


Teacher Tori said...

10 bodies

RFTR said...

Lucky 13.

Also, last week's count will decrease to 2, as Tony will be found not dead by a jury of his peers.

Anonymous said...


jwookie said...

Since no one else said it, I'll take 6

CGrim said...

I'm aiming low this week... 3 kills.

lawhawk said...

10, and we find out that the 40% figure is actually 65 redshirts, inclusive of Tony, Edgar, and Samwise the Goonie.

Anonymous said...

CTU absorbed by Homeland Security?
We saw how well that worked out with FEMA

Teacher Tori said...

I LOVED Mason and I got teary eyed when he died. On a side note, Mason did also screw the pooch for me in my brackets. I got taken down faster than a prom dress this weekend.