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Monday, March 27, 2006

B4B Challenge - 24: Final Four

The previews for this week allude that Jack smacks Audrey around for being a mole. They also show, what could be, the final moments of either Wayne Palmer and/or Red Foreman. Which is cool with me, because Red and Shaft are not in my 24: Final Four.

What is the 24: Final Four? They are characters who will make it to the end of Season 5. My list includes George Mason, Token, President Subaru, and Martha Logan. Who do you think will make it till the end?

Blogs4Bauer Challenge
1) 24: Final Four
Guess the Body Count

Vote in the poll and then submit your guesses for the 24: Final Four and the body count for tonight's episode.

Which characters will make it
out of Season 5 of 24 alive?

(Pick 4)
Jack Bauer
Curtis Manning
Biff Henderson
President Logan
Martha Logan
Wayne Palmer
President Suburu
Chiggy Killer (Buchanan)
S4GF (Audrey)
Comrade HATO (Bierko)
Frau Blucher
Tony Almeida
George Mason
Kim Bauer

Click Here for the Jack Bauer Kill Counter.

Blogs4Bauer Challenge Results
Episodes 1,2 - 9 Bodies
The Conservative UAW Guy (Guess - 4)
Episodes 3,4 - 14 Bodies
RFTR - 14
Episode 5 - 2 Bodies
AL - 2
Episode 6 - 1 Body
AL - 1
Episode 7 - 5 Bodies
Mr. Bob - 5
Episode 8 - 14 Bodies
Deathlok - 13
Episode 9 - 7 Bodies
RFTR - 7
Episode 10 - 8 Bodies
The Man - 8
Episodes 11, 12 - 14 Bodies
JWookie - 13
fmragtops - 15
Episode 13 - 3 Bodies (including Tony)
Justin - 3
Episode 14 - 0 Bodies
Citizen Grim - 3


Anonymous said...

4)President Logan (damn)

As for tonight, since there were zero kills last week - we are in for double digits this week. 10 kills tonight. Red goes down.

Justin said...


five bodies

Justin said...

uh... By Logan, I meant Mr.

jwookie said...

I'm gonna lowball it this week and say 2.

RFTR said...

18 bodies.

CGrim said...

Four this week.

Anonymous said...

Three bodies tonight.

Although it would mean the end of 24, I'm not so sure that Jack will make it out of this season alive...

Anonymous said...

Tony's pulling 3%. Not bad for a dead guy. Wonder how Michelle feels about his possible ressurection?

Gonna go with 3 fatalities, that way the count will be higher. Every time I choose a higher count, it comes up lower.

Natsthename said...

Hey, when you click on Frau Blucher, there's no horses whinying. Damn!

bigfoot780 said...

Which muppet click George Mason and Tony? Ireckon Jacks gonna be left on his own everyone else will be dead.

NDwalters said...


The rest, dear Audrey included could be dead meat.

Pierce may live. Course, we said that about Tony, Michelle, truffle Shuffle, and others in the CTU Happy Hunting grounds.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say 5 for tonight

al said...

It was too quiet last week. 11 this week.

Dionne said...

I'm the same as Walters for the final four:

Although I think more than those 4 will make it to the end IMHO.

8 bodies for tonight!!

Lemuel Calhoon said...

7 kills tonight.

lawhawk said...

Personal Final Four:
Red Foreman
Jack Bauer

But from this list?

And here's a prediction: Buchanan is the real mole. He set S4GF up with the intel that she was the mole.

I'm going to go with 9 bodies. They've got to up the average.