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Monday, May 22, 2006

24: Kill Counter Finale

24: Final Four
After 2,514 votes - the final four 24 cast members you voted as "most likely to survive" are:
1) Jack Bauer
2) Chloe O'Brian
3) Curtis Manning
4) Kim Bauer

The four that rated lowest in the poll: Bierko, Henderson, Frau Blucher, and Tony Almeida.

Kim Bauer
Kim has the amazing ability to screw things up for Jack. While Kim, her acne, and her boy toy got small roles this season - there is plenty of time for her to make her mark. Remember that Henderson introduced Kim to her shrink/boyfriend.

Curtis Manning
Where the hell has Curtis been this season? He finally teamed up with Bacardi (Jack) for the last episode only to get shot. Did he marry the Russian prostitute? Did Jack's punch to the head cause him brain damage? Anyway, Curtis is headed back to CTU Medical where they will either kill him or torture him.

Chloe O'Brian
Killing off Chloe would be the worst move for Fox since Skating With Celebrities. Chloe's death would send nerds into a rage - ratings would slip to Commander in Chief levels. No, Chloe will be around to spread her sunny disposition across CTU, a trait that caused Edgar to eat.

Jack Bauer
Even Chuck Norris knows that Jack Bauer could die tonight. I keep telling people this and I'm sick of the "but he signed on for 3 more seasons" response. He did sign on, but that doesn't mean that "Season 6" will take place after this one. 24 Prequels could happen. Jack could also die and then become an Obi-Wan Kenobi type character coming back to give nuggets of advice to Curtis and his crew. "Curtis, we don't have time for you start questioning your spirituality" yells the ghost of Jack Bauer to Agent Manning.

Regardless, the commercials state that we will not be disappointed with the 2 hour season finale.

Who will live? Who will die? Watch and find out. And read and comment during our liveblog while you are at it. Then, check back later for VtheK's exclusive TIVO blogging.

Blogs4Bauer Challenge -
1) Guess Tonight's 2 Hour Body Count

Here on Blogs4Bauer, when you see that Tyler is liveblogging - you know a boring 24 will soon follow. This season, whenever there was a slowdown in Jack's day, Tyler was liveblogging. However, when we teamed him up with RFTR in a Liveblogorama - the 24 Gods smiled and dusted 12 CTU agents before the first commercial break. With some assumptions on the size and class of Russian nuclear subs, the final tally ended up at 121.

Click Here for the Jack Bauer Kill Counter.

Blogs4Bauer Challenge Results
Episodes 1,2 - 9 Bodies
The Conservative UAW Guy (Guess - 4)
Episodes 3,4 - 14 Bodies
RFTR - 14
Episode 5 - 2 Bodies
AL - 2
Episode 6 - 1 Body
AL - 1
Episode 7 - 5 Bodies
Mr. Bob - 5
Episode 8 - 14 Bodies
Deathlok - 13
Episode 9 - 7 Bodies
RFTR - 7
Episode 10 - 8 Bodies
The Man - 8
Episodes 11, 12 - 59 Bodies
Justin - 27
Episode 13 - 3 Bodies (including Tony)
Justin - 3
Episode 14 - 0 Bodies
Citizen Grim - 3
Episode 15 - 12 Bodies
Al - 11
Episode 16 - 7 Bodies
Shawn - 7
Oxen - 7
Episode 17 - 10 Bodies
Al - 9
Oxen - 9
Dan - 11
Denis E. Ambrose, Jr - 11
Episode 18 - 6 Bodies
The Man - 6
efitz - 6
Episode 19 - 4 Bodies
The Man - 5
Episode 20 - 0 Bodies
Craig - 0
Episode 21 - -1 Body
The Man - 0
Episode 22 - 121
NDwalters - 18


Anonymous said...

Screw guessing the body count anymore. EVERYONE DIES TONIGHT, OK??? EVERYONE EXCEPT TONY!

Anonymous said...

He's right. Tony died 9 hours ago.

al said...

Maybe Tony will pull a Heller and come back tonight?

I'm going with 22.

Anonymous said...

If they do a prequel, Kiefer wont be playing Jack since he is too old!

Anonymous said...

Kim Bauer, A Sorry Drunk

Anonymous said...

Tonight's death toll: 15

Jack Bauer dies tonight. Martha Logan clocks him with an empty wine bottle.

Anonymous said...

Body count = 25

Dionne said...

I'm with the Man in guessing 15 bodies. And Jack can't die, he just signed a 3 yr. contract--Get a life!! I predict Martha takes her weasel husband out--how awesome would that be???

TheJackSack said...

If Tony comes back, it will be to die again.
Long Live The Jack Sack!!!

RFTR said...

I don't think Jack will die tonight, but I think it's conceivable that he could.

Even if they don't do prequels or Obi-Wan style action, Kiefer is also now an executive producer of the show--and from what I read, he signed a 3 year contract and no one knows what it says. For all we know, he's attached to the show, but will never appear as an actor again.

I'm going with 32 deaths tonight. And I think BombTruck is going to have an aneurysm.

Also, Tony will reappear--alive.

Anonymous said...

Death count will be 14 tonight. Not including Jack. I have a feeling next season will take place after the current season, but the next two will be prequels set when Jack was in the Special Forces and doing crazy missions in YugosloviaCroatiaBozniaHerzegovinaAlbaniaFormerYugoslovicRepublicofMacedoniaSerbiaMontenegroSlovenia (did I miss any?)

Justin said...


Anonymous said...

I can't make up my mind which of the three it will be, so I will enter all three as guesses:

1) 0
2) 87
3) 738

jwookie said...

20 dead in the season finale including president Weasel!!

voiceboy said...

Mary Todd was just getting warmed up last week to put lead into dear ol hubby Weasel.And she will do it defending Red.Then off to the place with the really long-sleeved jackets, but she will protest because it's not Memorial Day yet and they only come in white.

Anonymous said...

16 1/2 die.

I predict we will see the Cubs mug avenge Tony's death by taking out Henderson.

Anonymous said...

I actually hope they don't kill off the Weasel in Chief. If he dies, odds are he gets publicly memorialized as a national hero.

However, if he must die, FLOTUS should definately be the one who pulls the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Double dip tonight. Our last dip for the year (sniff,sniff....)

I go for 20, submarine guys, HATO, Robocop, Red Foreman, Weasel and......Crazytown!

It is as simple as this. Logan kills Pierce, Crazytown goes finally mad and kills her husband and finally takers her own life by smashing the bottle of Scotch and cutting her throat. Pure genius!

Jack can't die, he will die when Chloe, Audrey and Kim finally rest in peace. Only then will the real Jack Bauer arise and kill us all by unleashing the Apocalypse.

But first he's gonna kill Henderson and The Patriots, the ones that are behind all of this in response for The Da Vinci Code movie sucking so much.

Kill the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!

Anonymous said...

The ultimate image would be the Weasel being cuffed by Aaron Pierce. Sweet sweet justice.

NDwalters said...

Next season, Jack Bauer breaks out of a Chinese prison, with Chuck Norris.

So wanted to see Wayne Palmer smack Logan bloody. So wanted to see Miles get crotch punted by Chloe. So wanted Edgar's ghost to torment Miles also.