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Monday, May 15, 2006

And Now A Message From The President

And Now A Message From The President

You could be in for a surprise if you turn on the TV (and/or tune into Blogs4Bauer) tonight at 9pm. No, Wentworth Miller is not on the run from Jack Bauer and Hal Gardner was not killed by Lincoln Burrows. Would President Bush give a primetime speech during American Idol? Why then, would Bush's people let him give a speech during the Fox Power Hours?

President Jack Bauer would not do such a thing. He would secure the border, lower taxes, invade Iran, and stop off in France to kick some poodle-walking mimes - then hold a primetime press conference to bring us up-to-date. It would last 13 seconds, he would yell it, and it could replace an Apple ad during the second commercial break on 24.

"Fellow Americans. I have secured the border, lowered your taxes, invaded some muslim country, and destroyed France. There's no time for details."

Blogs4Bauer Challenge -
1) How Would President Bauer Deal With the Mexican Border

2) Guess tonight's Body Count

Even without Tyler liveblogging, the Jack Bauer Kill Counter was inactive again. Actually, it went backwards last week, thanks to Heller. Will Tony come back this week and have it drop even further? Watch and find out. And read and comment during our liveblog while you are at it. Then, check back later for VtheK's exclusive TIVO blogging.

Click Here for the Jack Bauer Kill Counter, click here to vote in the 24: Final Four.

Blogs4Bauer Challenge Results
Episodes 1,2 - 9 Bodies
The Conservative UAW Guy (Guess - 4)
Episodes 3,4 - 14 Bodies
RFTR - 14
Episode 5 - 2 Bodies
AL - 2
Episode 6 - 1 Body
AL - 1
Episode 7 - 5 Bodies
Mr. Bob - 5
Episode 8 - 14 Bodies
Deathlok - 13
Episode 9 - 7 Bodies
RFTR - 7
Episode 10 - 8 Bodies
The Man - 8
Episodes 11, 12 - 59 Bodies
Justin - 27
Episode 13 - 3 Bodies (including Tony)
Justin - 3
Episode 14 - 0 Bodies
Citizen Grim - 3
Episode 15 - 12 Bodies
Al - 11
Episode 16 - 7 Bodies
Shawn - 7
Oxen - 7
Episode 17 - 10 Bodies
Al - 9
Oxen - 9
Dan - 11
Denis E. Ambrose, Jr - 11
Episode 18 - 6 Bodies
The Man - 6
efitz - 6
Episode 19 - 4 Bodies
The Man - 5
Episode 20 - 0 Bodies
Craig - 0
Episode 21 - -1 Body
The Man - 0


Anonymous said...

If Jack won't kill someone tonight, I just might do it to get the kill counter moving in the right direction....

(just kidding, NSA, really! I'm such a practical joker! COJ's increase by 2 tonight).

Anonymous said...

Jack Bauer on the border means Guatemala sees an influx of Mexican immigrants.

The previews look like it might be a bloodbath tonight...which means around the 45 minute marker (+20 minutes due to Bush), expect the kill counter to roll over into the 170s.

10 Deaths tonight

al said...

President Bauer on the border? As long as CTU security wasn't involved then it might just mean less illegals. If CTU's involved every terrorist in the world will make it across.

Tonight - 11.

Teacher Tori said...

8 bodies :)

Teacher Tori said...

8 bodies :)

Dionne said...

LOL--In our dreams President Bauer taking care of things that way. Sigh..... But I guess we wouldn't have things to blog about anymore if that happened. Although there would still probably be a lot of liberal whining and moaning.

I guess 5 bodies tonight.

jwookie said...

We seem to be in a bit of a no killing rut... so I'm going with 2.

Anonymous said...

Body Count - 4

Elizabeth said...

Body count: 6

NDwalters said...

President Bauer would only have to warn Mexico once. Once. He'd cite the fact he wasted Hector and Ramon Salazar and their whole cartel. Bunch of pussies.

Body count? 18- well that we know of, Secret Service, Ruskies, CTU Red Shirts, and others. Hopefully no more morons like Bank President Deadmeat.

NDwalters said...

Bauer would also add- "Your lawyer can kiss my ass....."

Anonymous said...

7 bodies tonight men

Justin said...

17 bodies

Jack would have the border sealed in 24 hours.

RFTR said...

14 bodies and more repercussions from the failure to protect our borders.